Grumble "Deadman" Hilltopper

Dwarvish Gambler


H3. Level and Class
Level 1 Gambler


Grumble “Deadman” Hilltopper is a hill dwarf gambler from the far off dwarvish settlement of Copper Bend.

Grumble has always been a gambling addict, quick to talk and even quicker to action, Grumble found himself quickly racking up debts while trying to put forth a look of opulence and success. Dressed in fake jewels made from painted wood, Grumble always tries his luck to get ahead.

One day, ten years ago, Grumble found himself in the back of a tavern in the fallen city of Karthun. Sitting in the Shadow’s End tavern, he entered into a wager with a well dressed human who had introduced himself as a far off noble. Upon winning the wager, the stranger revealed himself to be an incarnation of “The Traveler” the evil deity of chance and trickery.

The Traveler cursed Grumble with debts of misfortune, and tasked him with making three payments to help grumble lift those curses.

Grumble only knows the first of these re-payments. He needs to acquire the heart of a vampire. Which is easier said than done, as staking a vampire’s heart is believed to be one of the only ways to kill such a horrendous creature.

Grumble "Deadman" Hilltopper

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