Awrin Winddancer

Gnomish Time Sage


Level 1 – Time Sage


Arwin is the youngest member of our party. At only 14 years of age, and barely 3 foot in height, little Arwin has dreams bigger than he is.

Arwin grew up on the Isle of Underholly, in the small Gnomish settlement of “Elderbark”. The Gnomes of Elderbark are a peaceful people who have long focused on the natural arts. Most of the community are practicing druids and clerics, well in-tune with the natural world around them and the deep arcane secrets of Underholly.

Arwin however, from a young age – well a younger age, found that he had odd powers. He seemed to have the ability to manipulate the very fabric of time itself.

Seeing this unique powers, his uncle Tanlin Winddancer the Chief Druid of the tribe, helped Arwin build a shrine to Istus, the Goddess of Fate and Destiny. After praying there for months, Arwin one morning found a small holy symbol that looked like a weaver’s spindle with three golden strands. Arwin wears the holy symbol around his neck at all times.

Arwin lead a simple life in the settlement of Elderbark. He had never journeyed far from the town, he hadn’t even been as far south as the trading post that brought back supplies from the port city of Valrune. But, Arwin dreamed of great adventure. He had read about heroes and their conquests in books brought back from the trading post, and Arwin long dreamed of becoming one himself. While the other Gnomes laughed at Arwin, who stood short in stature even for a Gnome, Arwin knew it didn’t matter how small he was, he would continue to stand tall.

One day, about a month after Arwin’s birthday, on the crest of Frostfall Festival, deliveries stopped coming from the southern trading post. Many of the Gnomes that had been sent out to the post, including Arwin’s uncle had failed to bring back any goods, apparently Valrune refused to engage with further trade with the inland settlements, leaving them to forge for themselves.

All the Gnomes of Elderbark took up responsibilities of cutting wood, starting to farm, or even go hunting for local animals to ensure that the settlement could survive the upcoming long winter. In the chaos of the moment, most of the settlement overlooked young Arwin, and no one had assigned him a job. So, he assigned one to himself, he was going to go on an adventure and get trade between Valrune and Elderbark running again.

Young Arwin is quite niave to the world and takes most people at face value. He exhibits great bravery and courage, even in the moments when he shouldn’t, and he is the first to dive into battle. He has something to prove and is easily swayed by those he looks up too. He sees the world with a sense of wonderment and excitement, and he easily becomes giddy and overexcited in the heat of the moment.

His magic abilities are highly unstable and mostly unknown to even him. It is clear though that in the few brief moments he manages to manipulate time that young Arwin has a very powerful connection with the arcane planes, but, it has the ability to leave him exhausted and even hurt after using these abilities.

Awrin Winddancer

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