Dwayne Nester-Sweetbottom

Gnomish Inkweaver


Level, Class
Level 1 – InkWeaver


Dwayne Nester-Sweetbottom is a young Gnome only 21 years of age.

He comes from an aristocratic family of Gnomes who have a long history of being involved in the bardic arts. Given the re-known and praise of his family, Dwayne grew up a bit entitled in the posh city of River’s Reed.

From a young age, he felt immense pressure to take up the bardic path to impress his parents. However, after setting out to become a bard, Dwayne realized he didn’t have the singing voice to survive in the profession and instead of joining the vocal colleges, he opted to become an InkWeaver.

Dwayne Nester-Sweetbottom

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